Reactions swell as a #married #woman is seen #dancing – #Twerking with a certain #man

    Reactions swell as a #married #woman was seen #dancing - #Twerking with a certain #man

    Reactions swell as a #married #woman was seen #dancing – #Twerking with a certain #man. People on Instagram are reacting, in various ways,

    Reactions swell as a #married #woman was seen #dancing – #Twerking with a certain #man

    according to their understanding, on the issue of a twerk video of a supposedly married woman, who was having mad fun with her girls on a boat.

    Some don’t see something wrong in it, just because this is just a part of the woman’s life, and something could have triggered the behaviour, while other simply assume this is a no.. no..

    unless you are single and ready to mingle, you shouldn’t be caught in any firm or shape dancing like this with another man, while you are still married. Read more actions and watch the said video below.

    Is she wrong?Ummmm – what does it mean, β€˜wrong’? Qualify that! I almost didn’t post this onto my feed because so many are squeamish about basic, human, #sexuality – Especially if the human being sexual is a female.

    I LIKE to dance this way, it feels good to connect with my body, to Earth, to my sexual energy and to feel another human along with the rhythm.

    This lady might be on vacation trying to release stress, maybe she just completed her PH.D maybe her third and final child just left for college, and she and hubby took out the loan.

    Maybe hubby would be happy to see her release and open this way. No one knows.Why police her? She’s doing what she wants to do with her body. Thoughts?#twerkdance #polylife#femalesexuality #dance #love #relationships

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