#Birthday : #SocialMedia celebrate as Grandma dolly turns 89-years-old after getting attacked in a #supermarket for having a #Trump photo at home

    #Birthday : #SocialMedia celebrate as Grandma dolly turns 89-years-old

    #Birthday : #SocialMedia celebrate as Grandma dolly turns 89-years-old . Elderly comedienne named Grandma Dolly has turned 89 years,Nd she is still as savage as ever.

    Reposted from @dolly_broadway After a year of Covid, a hospital stay, and a broken elbow (yea f*ck you hippie freaks) I’m still here. Happy 89th birthday to me, your man’s best night of his life. πŸ₯° Swipe to see the photo shoot of the baddest b*tch on her birthdayπŸ’…β€οΈ

    The elderly goofy women with a good sense of humour is particularly celebrated because some one from her followers on Instagram watched her reels, where she showed things in her home, and that included a photo of Trump hanging on her wall. She posted a photo of her broken hand, and caption it:

    Since I have a bunch of rats as my followers its on sight next time I see you all I was walking up the pasta aisle in the super market so I can make Sunday gravy sorry for all u fake Ragu bitches and two blue haired smelly bitches jumped me BC they seen I had a pic of Trump on wall in my last TikTok.

    How u bitches feel that u broke an 88 year old elbow. well guess what hoe I’m right handed so I can still take it Manz. #JUSTICEFORDOLLY

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.πŸ’πŸ’–

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