#LoveCoach #kierrasade narrates how she changed her life after 13 years in a #stripclub

    #LoveCoach #kierrasade narrates how she changed her life after 13 years in a #stripclub

    #LoveCoach #kierrasade narrates how she changed her life after 13 years in a #stripclub . One thing is certain about life, the change you work for, is the change you get. Just found this page on Instagram, of a Love Coach named #KierraSade. It is positive and a good read. Scroll down for some of her posts.

    I say idk how I ended up here but I know it was in Gods plan. I used to use men for what they could buy me and found myself extremely depressed and never satisfied. Dating these types of men put my life and destiny in danger on the regular.

    And not even just mine but my daughters at risk of reaping the repercussions of a woman who found an idol in fast money and street nichas.I was really destined for prison or early grave with the choices I was making…Thank God for grace, mercy, change, and HIS good and perfect will!

    Being in a $trip club for 13 years can definitely take a toll on your spirit so I did a lot of work to get here and I’m just getting started. 🧡Now I’m hosting luxury international content retreats in Jamaica to free other women from the stronghold of poverty, and abuse.I love you 🧡Love coach @kierrasade 🧡

    Everybody screaming manifestation May and f*ck that! We manifesting all muthphuckin YEAR!Let this be a reminder to stop letting other peoples definition of happiness equal the same for you.If you don’t want to be a millionaire and happiness for you is making $500k a year that’s ok.

    If you don’t wanna have kids …that’s ok!If you don’t wanna be married that’s ok!If your goal is to never cook another day in your life that’s ok!If you goal is to buy a new Chanel just because it’s May 2nd…that’s ok! If your goal is to move to a 3rd wild country and live a minimalistic life that’s ok.If your goal is to just make an extra $1k a month to take vacations that’s ok.

    Can we normalize bougie and basic both meaning happiness for two different women? For me, I became an entrepreneur so I could travel where I wanted when I wanted without waiting on NOBODY cuz everybody wanna travel til it’s time to pay up.I never cared about the big house and big car that I’ll never use from being on somebody’s island all the time anyway.

    And guess what? That’s ok! What’s NOT ok is looking at what everyone else is doing and thinking you’re a failure because you’re on 2 different paths.I know things may not be going how you intended for them to go but may I submit to you that you go back what your original WHY was.

    When you thought about it…did it make you cry? One of my mentors always told me me “if your why don’t make you cry, it ain’t strong enough.” I’m on a mission to help black and brown women free themselves from the criticism and expectation of others and experience life at Gods most abundant will for their lives.Are you ready? Let me know 🇯🇲

    Source @kierrasade

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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