#Pregnant #Leonalewis becomes the #socialmedia bump #obsession after #Rihanna dropped her #babyboy

    #Pregnant #Leonalewis becomes the #socialmedia bump #obsession after #Rihanna dropped her #babyboy

    #Pregnant #Leonalewis becomes the #socialmedia bump #obsession after #Rihanna dropped her #babyboy. 37-year-old Lona Lewis who announced her pregnancy on 23rd March 2022, seems to be the one we all are obsessed with after Rihanna dropped out of the bump race.

    With RiRi now with her hands full of love and pampering, the internet will need to stay busy and the show must go on. And yes. The show has gone on to the beautiful Leona, who has been married to her men Dennis Jauch since 2019.

    I bet many people didn’t even know she was pregnant because we were all focused on the badgalriri. Well, leave that to me, I will provide you with bump photos of the beauty called Leona.

    Reposted from @leonalewis Happy Mother’s Day to all my mamas and mamas to be 🌸

    Reposted from @leonalewis Bumpin’ along and sippin’ on chai ☕️ @coffeeandplantsla 🌸

    Reposted from @leonalewis Birthday gyal 🎉💙🎉

    Reposted from @leonalewis My “I’m so happy I get to perform on this Island” face 🤍 #maui

    Reposted from @leonalewis Beach day with the bump ☀️

    Reposted from @leonalewis Flower child 🌻

    Reposted from @leonalewis Baby Jauch Lewis 💛

    Reposted from @leonalewis Clean beauty should be the beauty standard. When I was a teen I would go and buy all kinds of make up and not think about what was actually in the products I was putting on my skin. Now I look back and see how many toxic ingredients were allowed to be in these products, and it breaks my heart because still to this day there are so many young people using unnecessary toxins on their skin in what they assume are ‘safe’ products. I do believe that a build up of environmental toxins along with the daily make up, face washes, lotions ect that I was using, contributed to me being diagnosed with an auto immune condition in 2016. I suffered major health problems which made me pay much closer attention to what was putting onto my skin and into my body. You can check easily by looking at the ingredients on the products in your make up bag and in your bathroom cabinets!
    There are so many amazing clean brands out there now that will deliver great skin and make up looks for you without having to use ingredients that can lead to a build up of toxins in our systems.
    You can also check out sections like ‘Clean’ @sephora which includes companies that don’t use unwanted ingredients including:-
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    Products in this look from @iliabeauty and @bareminerals

    💄 @adamburell
    📸 @rahulb91
    Styling by moi 💋

    Reposted from @leonalewis This is really really difficult for me to express so please bear with me. I put my all into the shows that I create because I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love and I want you all to have the best experience when you come and see me. Still to this day I’m absolutely blown away that I get to tour and sing for you and I’m so thankful to every one of you that comes out to support me. At the end of last year I found out I was pregnant whilst being on tour which was the best news ever as honestly I didn’t even know if I would be able to be a mum, it’s been quite a journey and although I was suffering horrendous sickness, your energy and smiling faces made every moment of being back on stage so amazing after such a long time away. This is why it’s so difficult for me to say that I have to put my ‘Christmas, With Love’ tour back to next year. I’m so excited to be a first-time mum but sadly the dates are now just too close together for me to ensure I will be ready to give you the show and attention you deserve. I hope you can understand and forgive me and I cannot wait to share in these live moments with you again next year! I’m counting down the days until Nov/Dec 2023 when we can have a fabulous Christmas celebration together ❤️ (To all of you amazing people who already purchased tickets they will remain valid for the new dates) Love you always x

    Reposted from @leonalewis Compassion and non-violence toward all beings, humans and animals, is something I live by so when me and the bump were asked to perform for Power of One, I was so happy as they are a platform which helps small charities and teams all over the world committed to animal welfare. They help them to access vital funding for medical care, rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals in some of the worst conditions imaginable. These teams work tirelessly on the ground, day and night, and rely solely on public donations for financial support. Power of One’s aim is to stand side by side with and support these teams, by giving them a platform to raise awareness around their life-saving work and to access funding. Please follow and share @powerofone_uk❤️🐴

    Reposted from @leonalewis Lake break 💚

    Reposted from @leonalewis Day to night, because changing requires too much effort these days 🤪🤰🏽

    Your online best friend. I love to write, I hope you love to read.💝💖

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