Reasons why #NokiaC20 will go down as one of the worst #Nokiaphones ever

    Reasons why #NokiaC20 will go down as one of the worst #Nokiaphones ever . So because I’m not a professional gadget reviewers, I will have my naive self say what I have noticed about that weird phone and then, let a professional complete it.

    For starters we have the general notion that better phones are produced as time goes on, because mistakes are corrected. But for Nokia C20 that was produced in April 2021, it has no business acting like the first ever set of smart phones ever produced, and even cost ₦47,500 in Nigeria.

    Its poor video and picture quality will leave you questioning the manufacturers state of mind in the first place.In the competitive world of gadgets, shouldn’t the picture and video be a good place to improve on? Is Nokia franchising or did they legitimately make this weird phone come into existence proudly?

    Don’t take my word for it, check out this professional review by SHELDON PINTO

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