A #Nigerian #LawProfessor decries hardship after she is now to spend half her salary in buying #diesel for her car in a month

    A #Nigerian #LawProfessor decries hardship after she is now to spend half her salary in buying #diesel for her car in a month

    A #Nigerian #LawProfessor decries hardship after she is now to spend half her salary in buying #diesel for her car in a month.

    A Nigerian professor has let out her whole Income on a table, to explain that she now spends about half of it to fuel her car in a month, excluding other things that money is needed for in the house. She wrote “Which way is Nigeria headed ? I bought 50litres of diesel for my car the cost of ₦40,000 in Enugu. I’m wondering how we will all survive this hardship.

    As a Law Professor that has reached the last step and stage in promotion at a federal University,I’m paid about ₦400k per Month after taxes so if I spend forty thousand conservatively for dueling my car in a weekly basis that if I remain within my city times that by at least 200 litres per month it means 40 percent of my salary in fuelling.

    What about other utilities, electricity,water,rent,food, children’s school fees,medical, phone and internet etc.Cooking gas is up by over 200 percent? Do we resort to firewood? World bank’s prediction that millions of Nigerian would be driven to the poverty level is real. We’re in n troubled with crippling inflation.

    Meanwhile, the diesel price she is already complaining about, is said to still increase, and get as high as ₦1,500 per litre in two weeks, as the marketers have predicted.

    The Natural Oil and Gas Suppliers Association has said that the price of diesel would keep increasing and might hit N1,500 per litre in the next two weeks if nothing drastic is done to curtail the current challenge faced by importers of the product.

    Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, the National President of the Association, Bennett Korie, said that about 75 per cent of filling stations across the country are currently out of business due to their inability to purchase diesel required to power their tankers and transport Premium Motor Spirit, popularly called petrol, to their various outlets.

    He mentioned that the only solution to the current challenge is for the Federal Government to raise the pump price of petrol a little in order to reduce the huge foreign exchange used in PMS imports.“If you go round now you will see that about 75 per cent of filling stations in Nigeria have gone out of business.

    There is no diesel to take fuel to their stations. All of them are going down.And it is not that the fuel is not there, but the cost of bringing it to the stations is too high. We know that the crisis between Ukraine and Russia has contributed badly, but the government has to do something fast, otherwise we are going to buy diesel in the next two weeks at N1000 to N1500/litre.”On what can be done the address the situation, Korie said “The only way out, if you want to know, is that they (the government) should increase the price of fuel a little to reduce the money spent on PMS subsidy.

    I know Nigerians will not be happy to hear this, but this is the only solution. They should increase the price of fuel a little so that the savings will enable the Central Bank of Nigeria to have enough foreign exchange.You and I know that we import everything now in Nigeria.

    Diesel is an imported product and it is fully deregulated. So the importers are not getting dollars at the official CBN rate to import diesel. Everybody is going to the black market to get dollars to import their products and so you expect the price of diesel to be high.”.

    From the explanation, it is looking like there is no way taken that wouldn’t affect the citizens of the country, as we are now bound to definitely face an price increment from either the petrol and diesel.

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