Actor #StanNze shows off the extent of fan love while away for his #summerbreak

    Actor #StanNze shows off the extent of fan love while away for his #summerbreak. The fact that the owners of summer themselves have not officially started their summer break which by the way officially commenced on June 21st for the Americans, and Nigerians are already at it, is a mood I want to adopt for the rest of the year. Doing your own thing at your own time. Actor Stan Nze and his wife are a vibe to watch out for to be honest.

    They went to London and fans are all over them, taking pictures and making videos. As a guy man, he thought it accurate to share the extent of love he refugees when he is away from the shores of this Bubu land.

    I love how much fun he and his new wife and fellow actor intentionally have, just so their marriage is not the typical boring routines life of a husband and wife.

    The two have been hanging out end about here in Lagos, as well as visiting places. While his marriage was the topic on people’s lips back in 2021, because he chose an older woman as his wife, he came out to explain to the world that he would rather have an older woman who would make his house a home worthy of living, rather than a social media obsessed younger lady who will end their marriage at any given opportunity or quarrel. He is in his 30s, while she is in her 40s. This life is all about choices and they made theirs

    . Watch video below.

    Actor #StanNze shows off the extent of fan love while away for his #summerbreak

    Posted @withregram • @stannze Nzerians Worldwide!!! Una love dey choke Abeg. You indeed made our trip so much fun 🤩🤩🤩 Thank you 🙏🏾 #TheNzes #SummeeBreak #Nzerians #Ngozichierika #MaziNaLoloNze

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