An overlapping pile of #plasticwaste settles at the coast of #Guatemala

    An overlapping pile of #plasticwaste settles at the coast of #Guatemala. A disturbing sight at the cost of Guatemala is hunting the minds and sleeps who consider it a very disturbing scene.

    The water that is now permanently resting in the shores of the water body, has automatically displaced the aquatic lives that are meant to naturally use that shore,for food, oxygen and mating purposes.

    But with plastic waste taking over the place, it is hard to measure how much effect this must have had on the biosphere. I join them in considering this a very disturbing site.

    But what have the authorities and right thinking minds of this region thought about the sight of their shore? Are their leaders the same as the ones gotten in Africa? Where money is everything and everything is about money. Many will wonder how much this disturbs the owners of the region, since it bothers outsiders this much.

    The actual video was gotten from CBSnews and at first sight I saw trouble looking for the water body and all that depend on it for transportation, food and income. How come nothing has been done by the Guatemalan people? I normally here about the environmentalist from the coat of Guatemala, and I am beyond shocked to learn of this development, knowing just how environmentally conscious the region is. Could it have been all a televised show, while the relaity stands different from it? How has this water body function for this long, with this amount of waste piled up in it coast?

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    An overlapping pile of #plasticwaste settles at the coast of #Guatemala

    An overlapping pile of #plasticwaste settles at the coast of #Guatemala

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