#SaraBlakely reveals her epic #Fathersday gift fail

    #SaraBlakely reveals her epic #Fathersday gift fail. Mother of four SaraBlakely has shared a video of her husband trying on the father’s day gifts they got him, and it seems the gifts didn’t turn out as perfect as they would have wanted it to be.

    She shared him trying them on and it is just as funny as anyone would imagine it. The cycling shirt didn’t turn out right on him. She revealed that she and the kids had the best intentions for him, but the execution didn’t turn out perfect like it did in their mind.

    I just love a family without too much expectation and standard. He clearly understands that they meant well for him, but it just didn’t go as planned. He also understands the concept . But if Sara doesn’t know at this point, what fits her man, then what are we talking about here ?

    She reveals it is funny and they haven’t stopped laughing about the unforseen turn out. It is love and we hope he see that it is the best intentions. For those wondering Sara is the CEO of the very successful SPANX.

    The couple recently celebrated becoming parents of a teenager after their son turned 13 years. Sara who has been open with her success story, taking time to make steady income, after not finding a man when she wanted. She revealed that she found a man when she wasn’t deeply involved in promoting her business that has gone on to become a huge success, and now they have four Beautiful children from the marriage.

    Posted @withregram • @sarablakely It’s official! We have a teenager! 😳 Ahhhh… FREAK OUT! We love you so much Lazer. #HBD #HappyBirthday #13

    Posted @withregram • @sarablakely Father’s Day BUST! Just thought I’d share how Father’s Day gifting went down in our house. We had the best intentions… nothing fit, still laughing. Oh well 🤷‍♀️ there’s always next year. Anyone else have a Father’s Day gift mishap? .. And someone please make over 50 cycling gear! Thx. 😂#Dad #NextYearWellNailIt

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