Fans warn against #domesticviolence as gospel singer #MercyChinwo is set to tie the knot

    Fans warn against #domesticviolence as gospel singer #MercyChinwo is set to tie the knot . While news of her engagement wasn’t made public, but her wedding shoot was used to make the announcement that she was trying the knot with her Pastor Fiance. Fans are now reminding her to speak up if this love ever turn cold in the home they intend to share.

    The Barret loving singer is happy now and eager to be the it girl, but citing fellow gospel singer Osinachi, who was allegedly killed from domestic violence related issues. Nigerians are moving to protect the lives of their Gospel singers and prevent them from horrible deaths.

    The singer is not revealing too much, much like her significant other who has been on the low the longest time, with the society not knowing anything about him or his existence. She posted the engagement on the YouTube page and Captioned it,” I said yes”.

    They said he is Banky w ‘s pastor and we are her like, why pastor so single and searching ? Fans are raising awareness of the possibilities a wedding has, and reminding her that they are always here for her, if ever she needs to make her plight public.

    These Nigerians are forgetting they the Christian will forbid any negative possibility, over looking and ignoring the shining probability. Mercy being a gospel singer, will completely ignore the warning signs if there are any, and continue to pay for God to change her man, just like Osinachi Nwachukwu did before her death, ignoring the warning signs and actual warning of those close to her.

    She felt the torture she was receiving from her husband was the work of the devil, and only Jesus can help her fight the devil our of her home. The abusive man kept on torturing her until she ended up in the hospital and eventually died. So when these fans raise alarm for any kind of domestic violence, dear mercy, do well to listen please.

    Fans warn against #domesticviolence as gospel singer #MercyChinwo is set to tie the knot

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