With laminated receipt, #DanielRegha calls #BBN #Tacha out on her lies

    With laminated receipt, #DanielRegha calls #BBN #Tacha out on her lies

    With laminated receipt, #DanielRegha calls #BBN #Tacha out on her lies

    If there is one thing Daniel Regha will do, it will be to get into everybody’s business. The problem now lies on who is chanced enough to react to it. Twitter influencer Daniel is known to respond and react to just about anything from any famous Nigerian.

    After former BBN housemate Tacha, tweeted that she had met Comedian Mr Macaroni for the first time, adding that she enjoyed their first encounter and wanted more.

    “Met @mrmacaronii from the first time today!! And honestly y’all… You really can just see through him! How pure his heart is…I could feel it. A hug just wasn’t enough… I wanted more”

    Daniel responded:

    “Tacha if I remember correctly I saw u talking to Mr Macaroni at the trendupp awards event, u were even there when Macaroni and I exchanged pleasantries so I saying that I met Macaroni for the first time (a few hours ago). Seems like a lie; Unless u had a lookalike which I doubt.”

    Tacha then fired back at him for the exposure.

    “You’ve been wanting a piece of TACHA for a while now!! Here you have my attention… Oya go and build house with it ITK”. Tacha neither denied nor accepted that she lies about meeting Macaroni for the first time, when she had already down that.

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