9 years later #MonicaLewinsky asks #Beyonce to take off her name in the 2013 #Partition #lyrics

    9 years later #MonicaLewinsky asks #Beyonce to take off her name in the 2013 #Partition #lyrics

    9 years later #MonicaLewinsky asks #Beyonce to take off her name in the 2013 #Partition #lyrics

    Following her infamous affair with President Bill Clinton, Ms. Lewinsky’s name made it on the list of those worthy of a remembering, as she is s termed the professional ‘It Girl’s, who had her thing made public by the media and the US people,

    after her affair was fully investigated and mostly studied and watched a million times by the world. Monica is no doubt a household name, but what household are we talking about here?

    Monica’s name made it to Beyonce’s 2013 hit song ‘partition’, and after these years, Monica is finally asking for her name to be removed from the hit song.

    “Uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition Beyonce to Remove Renaissance lyric after outrage: Ableisy, Offensive -Variety”

    Now Monica, I am just going to ask a few questions here.

    .Why did you have to wait till almost a decade to react to it?

    .Will the public unheard what they heard from that song after your name is removed?

    .Did you just find your voice?

    . Of what significance will this request be? Will you be happier or will your entire life which is in various documentaries now vanish?

    . Are you trying to start with the black one because it is the easy one? Are you in need of an attention for an upcoming project?

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