IG Model #GenaTew linked with #ChrisBrown, #ChiefKeef and #NickCannon reveals she has been diagnosed with #AIDS

    IG Model #GenaTew linked with #ChrisBrown, #ChiefKeef and #NickCannon reveals she has been diagnosed with #AIDS

    IG Model #GenaTew linked with #ChrisBrown, #ChiefKeef and #NickCannon reveals she has been diagnosed with #AIDS

    27-years-old #Genatew is being prayed for and applauded by her fans and well meaning #socialmedia users for being very transparent to the world, after she was diagnosed with #aids .

    She is documenting her near death experience and recovery following an almost a decade long undetected #HIV status that went full blown due to the absence of be the retroviral drugs, all because the hospital never checked and she never knew.

    No one is sure of how long she has had this, as she has been linked with #NickCannon #Chrisbrown and #chiefkeef. Hopefully she beats this.Video from β€’ @noironlineorg #NOIRONLINEORG |

    β€’ @noironlineorg #NOIRONLINEORG | πŸ–Š: Cousins! An Instagram model named Gena Tew dropped a bombshell about how she was diagnosed with AIDS recently.

    Although the social media influencer just learned about her health status, she doesn’t know how long she’s been carrying the virus!β€’In a Tik-Tok video, Tew explains how she learned about contracting AIDS.β€’The Cover Magazine model said, “Everyone keeps asking how I got AIDS. I didn’t know I had AIDS. I just got sick one day, started fainting, fevers, then I got really weak.

    I was going to the doctors, and no one knew what was wrong. They just kept assuming cancer, cervical cancer, lesions, and then I had some doctor say ‘no you’re perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong with you.'”β€’As the symptoms got worse, Tew became severely ill and hospital bound, where she lost her mobility and weight. She has always been known to be slim all her life, but it became extreme during this trying times.

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