New Born Baby seized by hospital following parent’s debt

    New Born Baby seized by hospital following parent's debt

    New Born Baby seized by hospital following parent’s debt

    New Born Baby seized by hospital following parent’s debt

    A drastic measures has been take by a private hospital in Warri Delta State, after a mum allegedly couldn’t pay up the ₦382,500 bill which was given to her.

    According to Linda Ikeja Blog, a mother Mrs Akpesiri Ojiko who had twin babies at the general Hospital of Warri on November 17th 2022, got one of the babies referred to a private hospital due to insufficient bed space.

    Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Ojiko appealed to the Delta State government and well-meaning individuals to assist in upsetting the medical bill to enable her to have access to her baby. “I give birth to the babies on November 17 last year, a male and a female at the general hospital Warri but the hospital management told us that they did not have bed space to accommodate the babies and they cannot keep the two babies in one bed,” she narrated. “They started calling some clinics to refer the baby but we refused because we know some of these clinics they mention, and we told them that they are expensive and that can’t pay their bills. Finally, they referred us to Unique Health Medical Center here in Warri, we don’t have any options than to go.” “The baby was to be discharged on November 27, 2022, but since we couldn’t pay the bill, the hospital seized the baby until we pay the balance the baby will not be released.”The bill is N433,500 before my sister brought N50,000. We have paid N50,000 for my sister brought, then we will pay the balance of N383,500 for my baby to be released.”My baby is about a month and some weeks while I have not set my eyes on the female baby for a month now, don’t even allow me to see her. Please I’m begging governor Ifeanyi Okowa and others to help me.” 

    In a bid to prove that me will indeed stain your shirt, it was discovered that the mother of these twin babies was left to find a way to get back her babies, after her Keke operator baby father disappeared on hearing the N433,500 hospital bill, as he was unable to do something about it.

    When Punch contacted the hospital, the Doctor in charge said the female twin can’t be released to her mother except for the balance of N382,500 is paid.

    Nigerian hospital having received their unfavourable fair share of the current administration, have also resulted to all they can to keep their hospitals running, and that includes going the extra Ile to get their debts paid.

    Governor Akowa who hid the fact that government had paid the state a large sum of money, is definitely not going to call this bill outrageous. He can pay this without batting an eye. We hope this matter gets resolved as fast as it can, as no mother would want to caught in such a situation where your new born who is not requiring any special care of medical attention, is left back in the hospital without the mother, and getting raised by nurses and doctors on duty. That child is going to be two months soon without the mother’s breast milk. So sad.

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