Love: Should you ever ask a girl how she feels about you?

    Should you ever ask a girl how she feels about you?

    Should you ever ask a girl how she feels about you?

    Should you ever ask a girl how she feels about you?

    Many people will immediately cringe at the sight of this question when in reality it is worth asking. In the days when love was done in absolute ingenuity and loved for some another without some form of ulterior motives.

    Not sure why love has gone so low as it has today, people literally deprive themselves of the purest of love, because they have been cut once or twice by it and are so hurt, that they are not willing to go for the second time or even more.

    In a case like this, society generally assumes that one out of 4 may have experienced the unpleasant side of the love, and would be willing to try one more time, because what if it goes terribly one more time?

    So people are now living their lives eating love but are too scared to go for it because society is now known to be vindictive with matters of the heart.

    Previous Notion

    This is an idea that wouldn’t even require a review before now because people attracted to each other freely asked how someone felt about them. But in this current day, asking a girl how she feels about you, ultimately makes a man appear weak and almost unattractive to the girl. She wants a man who doesn’t care how she feels about him because he was her to know that she is replaceable.

    But if a guy and a girl started off as friends, as besties, as buddies, and along the line, start feeling something for each other, but feeling a little uneasy to talk about it, then having that conversation about how a girl feels about you, is no longer looking like a sign of weakness but the need for clarity in the relationship.

    If a girl doesn’t feel a certain way about you and you go on to ask her because you perceived it, then it could be a turn-off, it could make you appear repulsive. Know when and how to ask this question, especially if it is based on your assumption. You could be reading her wrong, and you also could be reading her right, but she is hardly ever going to tell you that. So a few tips could be used in asking her:


    Make the conversation comfortable, so as not to create tension while jokingly, simply, or lightly asking her how she feels about you. Some people prefer to ask during drinking as they say it gets people to relax and tell the truth, but that could also be a vulnerable Moment for most people, so don’t act like you are taking advantage of her vulnerable Moment. Since it is not a one-way thing for everyone, you need to know who you are dealing with and the right way to go about it.

    In other words, if you are genuinely interested in a girl, and you feel that she may have mutual feelings, it may be appropriate to have an open and honest conversation about your feelings and ask her about hers. However, it’s important to choose your words carefully, so that you don’t come off as forceful, but simply seek her genuine response without putting pressure on her to reciprocate your feelings.

    On the other hand, if you are unsure about her feelings or do not want to risk damaging your friendship or making her uncomfortable, it may be best to continue getting to know her and building a connection without explicitly asking about her feelings.

    Ultimately, the decision to ask a girl how she feels about you is a personal one that should be based on your feelings, and intentions.

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