Best Safety tips for Solo Travelers

    Best Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

    Best Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

    Traveling solo is obviously at its own risk, but you already know that which is why everyone who loves you, will like to advise you to have a travel buddy. The reason being that ‘ Two heads are better than one’. But then again, there have been instances where the travel buddies who were supposed to be for safety, planned, executed, and attempted to cover up the murder, like the case of the young lady from the United States, who was literally beaten to death by her friends while on vacation. So, whether you choose to go with a friend or two, go alone, or go as a man or woman, these tips will come in handy for everyone.

    As a male or female traveling solo, it is important to carry out prior research about the destination and find out what people are saying about the destination. If it is a destination that has a lot of bad things happening, chances are that someone would have written something about it on Google or some other social media search site. So firstly, google the destination and go all the way to see what people are saying. The aim of this is if you are working so hard to make your money, plan and pay for a trip (or someone else did), you wouldn’t want to take your life to a destination, only to literally walk right into a lion’s den. i.e, walking into a trap in the name of vacation.

    Research Your Destination: So before you even start planning, research your destination through and through. While learning about the food, cuisines, and hotels, learn to also the laws, the safety concerns, and heads-up from other people’s stories. This will help you know the exact part of the land to completely avoid. Every region has a common scam. A common scam is what the people of a region do deceitfully to take money off people, especially from tourists or visitors.

    Travel Journal For Safety: A safety journal specifically for your safety is vital, and this is good if you have the right type of journal. One good travel journal, in my opinion, is the ‘Travel Journal For Safety‘ by Drew Reuben. Buy it, fill it out, and carry it with you. The reason for this is that the law enforcement investigation process will be assisted with basic information in your journal, from places you intend to visit while on the trip, constantly updating, from the friends you make to the events that didn’t seem right to you, or even people that you were comfortable with, simply write down all of these. And do them privately. Because if a person is about to take advantage of you (a solo traveler), is aware of a certain journal you carry and write down everything, then you automatically are no longer traveling alone, because a pocket-sized friend is with you, and is going to reveal all that you have put in it. So fill your journals (buy two). I know you will ask yourself, I don’t need a journal, I have a phone. phones can be stolen, damaged, etc. If anyone trying to cover their track, your journal is definitely going to be targeted. Purchase your Travel Journal For Safety by Drew Reuben.

    Make Contact with local law enforcement: I understand that law enforcement has become the evil they are fighting these days, and you wouldn’t know which corrupt one is going to take advantage of your information, but it is ok to know where the police station is situated and know the emergency number. This might serve as a saving grace when you need protection, hopefully, you will have a clean set of policemen at your destination.

    Avoid Late-Night Events: Unless you have friends who will look out for you, please avoid late-night events that will have you coming back to your accommodation all alone and probably drunk. A person who has been monitoring you to catch you when you are all alone, has their work done for them when you literally make yourself all alone and in the dark. There have been cases where people are on vacation to find love, and then move out at night, hoping to see the love of their lives in an event, only to end up actually losing the entire life they have. if you can’t find your love during the night, what makes you think that the night will be the perfect time to try again? Be careful out there guys, life is not as innocent and evil-free as we may want it to be. So unless you are trained to protect yourself, if you are as frail and helpless as I am, please stay indoors at night and see a movie or read a book, so you can peacefully rise with the sun the next day.

    Some People Carry Pepper Spray: Some people carry pepper spray as a means of protection, but Honey, that might trigger all kinds of things. Some people recover fast from pepper spray and come right back around for revenge. Can you escape in time? can you run faster than the individual? are you trained in self-defense? will you be lucky enough to have God send you a helper? can you beg your way out of an angry peppered sprayed man or woman?

    Don’t Be Quick to Tell Everything about You: Some people are so eager to be liked, that they let out too much about themselves and later regret it. Do you know where to draw the line during a conversation with a total stranger? Do you let information all out and apologize to the person for all that ? Keep conversations short and simple. Leave your private life out of it, as things you say could end up giving ideas to a potential perpetrator to come for you.

    Do not oblige a fast suggestion to go to your accommodation: Some heating moments would mess with your home training and laid down plans. Do not take a person you just met back to your accommodation, because your sense of reasoning was blinded by your lust for an individual. Remember that just because someone looks hot doesn’t make them innocent and trusting. Out in the streets, hungry hearts have nothing to eat. You can’t just find love when you want it. Don’t lose your beautiful life while seeking love. Also do not quickly go with just anyone to their apartment or home.

    1. Dress appropriately: When in Rome, dress like the Romans, unless they go naked in Rome, then you have to excuse your clothed self. The essence of this is to blend in and avoid unwanted attention unless you went there specifically for the attention. In some cultures, it is considered disrespectful or unsafe for women to wear revealing clothing. You know yourself and what you are comfortable with, so that should be a major determinant factor when you are picking a location. Don’t deliberately break rules and regulations, and endanger yourself. In addition, it is also a smart idea to take off your expensive jewelry while on vacation, so as not to make yourself a target for theft.
    1. Stay aware of your surroundings: Always be aware of your surroundings, from communications, body, and facial language, especially if you can’t speak their language. Carry a booklet that helps with translation, or at least learn the vital things to say in case of an emergency when traveling alone. Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviors, and don’t be wrapped up in your bubble. A family was in a country when a political crisis broke out, and the tourists all found themselves at the receiving end of it. That movie though.
    2. If you must walk at night, stick to a well-lit area: I initially said you shouldn’t walk alone at night, but if you must, please go for the well-lit streets. I still recommend staying put in your supposedly safe accommodation, or moving around with taxis and rideshare services instead.
    3. Stay in safe accommodation: Remember that you can’t cut corners on accommodation. Nothing is as horrible as being in substandard accommodation. Prioritize safety and get accommodation in a safe place. A lady once said that security staff or accommodation climbed into her apartment to abuse her. Look for hotels or hostels with good reviews and in safe areas. Consider booking a room on a higher floor and avoid ground-level rooms with easy access.
    1. Use secure transportation: Share your ride with family and friends back home, use confirmed transportation and driver, and choose reputable companies. Avoid getting into unmarked or unlicensed vehicles to get by.
    1. Keep your valuables safe: Keep your valuables such as passports, money, and phones secure at all times. No one is there to pick up after you, so pick up after yourself. Consider using a waste pouch or waste bag for ease and comfort or simply keep your valuables in your safe accommodation.

    Don’t eat everything you see: You are not from there, so please mind what you try, as you falling ill, might be a very dangerous situation for a lone traveler.

    Carry your medication; if you have an underlying illness or a sensitive stomach, please carry with you, all the medications that would be crucial for this trip.

    1. Trust your instincts: Finally, trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or sense something is off with a person or a place, don’t ignore your gut feeling. Remove yourself from the situation and seek help from others nearby. Remember that if you can’t do all of this by yourself, the option of going with someone is always better.
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