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    #ClimateChange : #Pollution thickens as world’s biggest tire #graveyard goes ablaze


    What do you know about pollution? Can you look at place and know that it is being polluted, or about to be polluted? Well, here is one sight to practice your ability to spot it.

    According to a disturbing post made by Discoverearth on Instagram, A humongous waste land for tires, has been posted to be on a very serious fire, letting out a thick smoke to the environment.

    The Burning 🥵 tire Graveyard in Kuwait

    Here is the most horrible sight you would see today. This can’t be put out easily. But I don’t see any attempt to have that done in the first place.

    This sure poses a threat to the health of persons and communities that reside around and even far.

    This will smell, it will hurt internal organs are they breath it in, it will settle on cars and roofs, on plants and the ground.

    Interiors of a building will have dark stains, and eventually, our planet will definitely feel the effect of this crappy behaviour.

    The manufacturers of tires need to come up with a safe way to get rid of it. I guess this are the tires that have been condemned and tagged useless.God help us.

    This Hurts my eyes and the world’s climate

    Reposted from @discoverearth Our planet deserves better 💔The world’s biggest tire graveyard, located in Kuwait’s Sulaibiya neighbourhood is on fire.

    These fires are not only extremely challenging to put out, but their smoke is also filled with toxins…the black, thick wall of smoke can even be seen from space, and the toxicity of the fire poses a serious health and pollution concern for both the planet, wildlife and humans.

    Companies and governments must find more sustainable ways to handle vehicle tires and other waste!🇰🇼 #recoverKuwaitDM/Email for credit via @karmagawa

    #Kevinhart gets back at #NickCannon for sending him a #Lama for his birthday

    There are all kinds of prank in Hollywood, there is more amongst the males,and it even gets worse among the black males. This was the funny case for Comic Actor, Kevin hart, who recently turned 42 years old.

    Since he is the highest grossing black Comedian, he is assumed to have everything he wants. So when his colleague and buddy Nick Cannon (the father of new borns), decided to get him a gift for his birthday, it got a little intense, because, what can you get Kevin Hart for his birthday?? 🤦🏾‍♀️. This was the thought we assumed went through Nick Cannon’s mind when he went right ahead and got Kevin Hart a Lama for his birthday.

    Photo Comedian Kevin Hart too with his Lama gift from Nick Cannon

    The father of four received the Lama and showed some unplanned gratitude on his Instagram page while being laughed at by his wife, Eniko Hart, as he went in by trying to walk the gentle giant creature. While Kevin assumed alot of things about the animal, he realized quickly that being walked and taking commands isn’t one of them.

    #Kevinhart gets back at #NickCannon for sending him a #Lama for his birthday
    Billboard asking people to ask for fatherhood advise from Nick, the Revenge plot from Kevin to Nick Cannon

    Kevin however had his wife make a video and take a photo of him and his beautiful gift, before posting on Instagram. Days later unsuspecting a revenge plot from him, Nick Cannon got his revenge right on time, when Kevin Hart posted up his number on a bill board asking everyone to give him a call for advise on fatherhood. And just like that, fans did call and it was indeed Nick at the other end of the phone taking these calls from total strangers abd cussing out Kevin .

    #Austic man wins the heart of #internet users with his #bestman speech


    Austic man wins the heart of internet users with his tear jerking best man speech at his brother’s wedding.

    A 23-year-old young man named Sam Waldron has gotten the attention of the entire internet after revealing during the best man speech at his elder brother’s wedding.

    Saying that his 27 brother Jonah Waldron, who was the Groom at the wedding, is his ‘Hero’ according to Sam.

    He narrated their live together and having known each other up until that point,

    that his brother Jonah never looked down on him said Austic Sam who won the heart of everyone as he read out the write up.

    He choose the kind gesture to his brother, while reserving it for his brother’s special day as a groom.

    The brother as well as his crowd of wedding guests, were moved to tears by the reading of the 23 year old, that they cried as well.

    now the internet users are at it again about it being a competition to see who can hold back tears the most.

    #ChrissyTeigen and her production company recreates the life story of late #GwenShamblinLara

    Chrissy Teigen and her production company recreates the life story of late Gwen Shamblin and her Life choices.

    Our female John legend has revealed that she has been as busy as we would expect, but this time not on the runway, or a factory, but on a movie scene.

    The Mother of two posted the trailer with the announcement that her production company has been working with HBO to uncover the mystery that is Gwen Shamblin Lara and her weight loss slash religious cult that has reportedly destroyed the lives of many.

    She also revealed that they were still in the process of production when they got a shocker of their live sin the form of a news that the private plane carrying Gwen, her husband and church leaders crashed just outside Nashville.

    The Trailer posted by Chrissy Teigen on the life story of Gwen Shamblinand Lara

    from @chrissyteigen I am so excited to announce a project my production company has been working on with @HBOmax – uncovering the mystery that is Gwen Shamblin Lara and her weight loss slash religious cult that has destroyed the lives of many. Late through filming, we were shocked to learn a private plane carrying her, her husband and church leaders had crashed just outside Nashville. And as insane as this was, we knew we still had to share this story. Her followers and the people who have been hurt deserve it. So please join us on this look inside Gwen Shamblin’s controversial (to say the least) world – September 30th on @hbomax #TheWayDown


    #Fans react to #JeanieMai #Pregnancy announcement after she swore that she was never going to be a #mom


    Fans are now reacting to the pregnancy announcement of fashion girl and TV host Jeanie Mai and her new husband Jeezy.

    Jeanie mai who ended her marriage to first husband following their irreconcilable difference on the issue of child bearing, is now happily pregnant for Jeezy. .

    I guess once you go black, you never go back.

    from @xonecole Jeannie Mai’s pregnancy announcement sparked conversations online around changing your mind about things you said you’d never do when you’re with the “right” person.

    She very openly voiced her disinterest in having children and it being the reason she divorced her ex husband,

    yet she’s now happily expecting Jeezy’s child. Swipe for more on the topic! 👈🏾

    What are your thoughts on love being a catalyst for evolution? Tell us all about it in the comments! ⬇️

    Jeanie Mai is about to be a mom years after openingly declaring her lack of interest in the life role.

    She even divorced her husband who was fast in moving on with another girl who we didn’t know was in the picture

    jeanie revealed she never ever want to bring a human being to this scary world. She wasn’t ready to be responsible for another human being.

    Post from @xonecole Jeannie Mai’s pregnancy announcement sparked conversations online around changing your mind about things you said you’d never do when you’re with the “right” person.

    She very openly voiced her disinterest in having children and it being the reason she divorced her ex husband, yet she’s now happily expecting Jeezy’s child. Swipe for more on the topic! 👈🏾

    What are your thoughts on love being a catalyst for evolution? Tell us all about it in the comments! ⬇️

    Post from @LindaIkejiblog Jeannie Mai and her husband Jeezy are expecting their first child. The Real co-host shared the news with @womenshealthmag.Jeannie was married for 10 years to her first husband and refused to have children, saying she never wanted to be a mum, leading to her ex husband filing for divorce and starting a family with someone else. She’s changed her mind about having children and we are happy for her!

    #RIP #Gabbypetito #Breakingnews : Camera shows #BrianLaundrie about 500 miles from his home

    Camera shows Brian Laundrie about 500 miles from his home.

    After a human remains that was consistent with description of the missing 22- year-old Gabby Petito,

    The Travel influencer from Long Island New York, suspicious looks have been placed on her 23 year old boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

    The boyfriend was last seen with her on their road trip,

    where she was found distraught and having altercations with her boyfriend who happened to be the driver of the vehicle.

    He locked her out and asked her to calm herself down, according to the report and video from the police body cam that was submitted,

    after she was reported missing by her Family on Sept 11. 2021.

    While investigations are on going, the cops have come across a recording that has the possibility of him about 500 miles from his home .

    This young man continues to look more and more creepy and weird following the circumstances surrounding this case.

    it will so heart breaking if this young man actually killed his girlfriend, abandoned her corpse and found his way home.

    The devil is indeed working pretty hard because a total stranger made a 911 call when the Brian was said to have hit Gabby.

    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found and boyfriend has been seen on camera far from home.
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found
    Body suspected to Gabby Petito’s has been found

    Justice for Gabby Petito must prevail.

    Somebody’s Son better hurry up – Igbo #Actress #YvonneOrji summons from #Morocco


    Igbo American Actress Yvonne Orji is taking time out to attention to her rest, self-care and over all well being.

    The Nigerian residing in the United States, has shared appealing videos from her current vacation in Morocco.

    The beautiful Nigerian Sister was seen in her all blue Moroccan outfit while she posted a gratitude posts from how far she had come from the days when her current life was only a dream.

    Wuth her dreams coming through with more than expected scenes, the happy girl simply showed off herself pouring tea in a beautiful cool off Moroccan inspired kimono on bikini while letting the beautiful liquid flow into her rea cup,

    from her ablution kettle while listening to the current musical wave of her fellow Nigerian Sister, which is titled “Somebody Son” by #TiwaSavage featuring the one any only #Brandy

    Yvonne was listening to it and singing alot while she called forth someone son to come and picture

    from @yvonneorji Today I cried. I wasn’t expecting to.I was minding my business eating a delicious breakfast, when I stopped to take in the beauty that surrounded me, and then I started thinking about how, the life I’m living now, (*Biggie voice*) it was all a dream.•And I don’t just mean the luxury of it all (although: Praise Him!), I mean the freedom that comes from getting back to the ME I was always supposed to be.•It took work, intentionality, saying goodbye, saying yes (and no) and trusting my intuition more than I questioned it. •So I wept as I repeated, “I’m so grateful God for how far you’ve brought me.”•I’m sure the waiter prolly thought, “this woman by herself, must be crying over something sad,” when in fact, I was just praise and worshipping over the best gift I could give to myself:Me.#StillGetting @bamboozledbyjesus #EatPrayLevante#GratefulnessIsFlowingFromMyHeart#StopAndSmellTheRoses#FullMoonEnergy

    Happy 50th #birthday to #PrettyGirl and #Actress #SanaaLathan


    Happy birthday to Sanaa Lathan. An actress who have in the company of her fellow black Americans,

    page way for upcoming and hopeful black queens, who have the dream of one day standing Infront of the camera and speaking life into role given to them.

    Sanaa has been one of the faces of the black entertainment and we love to see how beautifully she is aging.

    Sanaa is not your average 50 year old, she she looks nothing like her age.

    These set of black women have taken natural care of their black bodies, and the body is paying them back in coins of youthfulness.

    Sanaa if anything, is Benjamin buttoning her way to work and back to entertain her fans and encourage them on a seasonal basis.

    In honour of her 59th birthday todays ago, We have collected some photos of the star, to celebrate her all round achievements.

    P.S She looks so much like her mother.

    #KylieJenner set to launch her baby product line #Kyliebaby


    This baby is not backing down any time soon from the money making business.

    The Pregnant 24 year-old soon to be mother of two or even more, is set to launch her baby product line, and that is set launch on 28th September 2021.

    We are here for the creative level of Kylie Jenner thought out this pregnancy.

    She has launched her swimwear line, and now a baby product line. She posted up with her first born ‘Stormy’ as they try out the product on her knee.

    She loves to always try out products of her own to prove to the public that it was infact save for use. Read her caption below..

    from @kyliejenner i’m so excited to introduce @kyliebaby to you guys 🤍 it was a dream of mine to develop clean, safe, effective, and conscious baby care when i became a mom. i know we all want the absolute best for our kids so making this line completely vegan and hypoallergenic was very personal to me! i’m so proud of these products and couldn’t wait to share this with you and your family! launching September 28th ☁️ @kyliebaby

    #RIP :#Davido loses his photographer to a #drowning incident


    Davido loses his photographer ‘Fortune’ to a drowning incident

    The Internet is going wild as yet another member of Davido’s team is pronounced dead. Davido loses his photographer ‘Fortune’ to a drowning incident

    The pronouncement has been on going for a while now from this same team.

    Davido has now been linked with young men who just drop dead and who have been affiliated to him.

    The 30 billion gang photographer was said to have died from a drowning incident on Tuesday 21st September at a Lagos location.

    Although the details of the incident are still sketchy as investigation is ongoing, the team present at the scene of the incident,

    have been taken in custody by the Police. According to the social media posts.

    #ReginaDaniels joins Husband for a meeting with President of #Saotome on their #Malariaeradication


    Regina Daniels joins Husband for a meeting with President of Sao Tome on their #Malaria eradication

    Ned nwoko is still on going with his malaria works.

    His youngest wife just revealed that she joined her husband for a meeting with the Sao Tome President on the malaria eradication goals .

    from @regina.daniels We had a fruitful meeting with the newly elected president of São Tomé and principe H.E president carlos vila nova on malaria eradication and tourism in Africa and education amongst other things. @princenednwoko @nednwokomalariaproject @projecttourismafrica My outfit : @reginadanielsfashion

    Ned is big on malaria eradication which gives an impression that he may have a history with the ailment.

    This could either be as a result of a sad experience in the hands of malaria,

    or by a significant family member, which ended up making him so interested in it .

    I still don’t know what significant impact Ned has in the malaria side of things in Nigeria, so I would love to know .

    Taking it to other country as well, I would love to know what impact they have or intend having in the African/Nigerian Malaria.

    In any case, Ned Nwoko has been keen on it , and he doesn’t hesitate to let it be known that he is interested in, and takes action on malaria and it’s effect.

    Someone has to please help me out with a little or some narratives.

    Ned and the Sao Tome President

    The #Internet left #dumbfounded as a video of a #protective #mother impresses them


    The internet left has been left dumbfounded as a video of a protective mother impresses them.

    The video making rounds as posted by Latina singer and business woman Amara.

    The video started with a simply dressed suspected latina woman,

    was sitting down on a pavement with her back to a wall of red bricks, while her toddler in diaper stood by her side and facing the brick wall.

    With seconds the seated mother was startled by a suspected noise,

    she quickly stood up and over her standing toddler with her hands stretched out to the red brick wall as if to hold it in place or push it back .

    And suddenly, with horror in both their eyes, the woman had this brick wall coming down on her and not her protected son.

    And just as fast as it started, it ended. The little boy’s father came running to them and quickly picks up the little and ran.

    This is a true depiction of the strength of a woman and a mother.