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    #Bridalshower : #Oldfriends and #Colleagues continue to wish #Actress #RitaDominic a #happymarriedlife


    #Bridalshower : #Oldfriends and #Colleagues continue to wish #Actress #RitaDominic a #happymarriedlife

    Not these elderly love being the best these days. The fact that we have to be very very mature to make these decisions though.

    Reposted from @k8henshaw A toast to ReeDeeee the most yellow of them all mbok…..The most beautiful bride to be…We love you so much and wish you every happiness always ❤️#ToastWithMoet #reeldeel22 @jinja_lagos @nseikpeetim @uchejombo @ritadominic @ajokesilva @michelledede

    Reposted from @iniedo I couldn’t love you less Husby @ritadominic .. Congratulations Ree. You deserve all the joy in this world . Your heart is so sweet and I am so blessed to have you in my corner . God bless your union .. This is a dream come true for us all ❤️❤️❤️💃💃💃💃💃

    Reposted from @realsusanpeters #ReelDeel22 #atoastwithmoetchandon #BridalShower ❤️❤️❤️

    #IndianCelebration : How #PriyankaChopra and Husband #NickJonas celebrated #Holi

    #IndianCelebration : How #PriyankaChopra and Husband #NickJonas celebrated #Holi

    Holi is that colourful indian celebration that involves the spraying of colourful dust on people, to usher in spring and it’s beauty.

    Nick Jonas too part whole heartedly, just like he does for everyother indian holiday he learns from his indian wife. I will definitely like to take part in Holi in the nearest future and have as much fun as they seem to be having.

    Source @nickjonas Happy Holi!

    Nigerians demand justice for the 12-year-old boarding school student who died from senior students’ bullying


    Nigerians demand justice for the 12-year-old boarding school student who died from senior students’ bullying

    Reposted from @celebs_critique @dowencollegelagos una go explain which kain football ïnjury this pikin get laikdiz wey leave am in so müch pains?Which kain football ïnjury wey person fit get wey fit keel am?Which kain football ïnjury is this ffs????Football ïnjury yet two of the parents of the pêrpêtrators have flown their kids out of the country? You guys are still maintaining it’s a football ïnjury? This kid was in so much pãïn before he passed away!How can you people be so hêãrtl*ss? I honestly won’t let this slide. Other bloggers can be bought õver but definitely not me dears. I will see to the end of this I sw*ar!Guys please swipe and help me share this video. We might not be up to a 100k people but we can pull this through, please stand with me on this fight for justice. Don’t let this slide.This was the 12 year old student that was kïllled by his school mates because he refused to join their cült group. His birthday was supposed to be this Saturday 🤦There has also been reports of b*llying in that school and the administrators are yet to do something about it.Let this not be a forgotten case🙏 Let’s do our best to help them get justice. Losing a child is very painful let alone when you lose one in such a sãd way. Please lend your voices, repost and tag all the necessary authorities till something is done. Don’t let this be swept under the carpet.Use the hashtag #justiceforsylvester in your comments/posts 🙏I’ll provide you guys with more info as we progress. Follow our backup @celebs__critique I’m not on Twitter but I just opened an account for this. Follow link on my bio to follow my Twitter page let’s trend this on Twitter. Please 🙏Thank you.@harrison_gwamnishu @mufasatundeednut@instablog9ja @thephenomenal_girl @gossipmilltv @lindaikejiblogofficial @the_commentsection#justiceforsylvester #Boycottdowencollege #celebscritique #justicemustbeserved

    #BBN : Angel reacts to #Cubanachiefpriest calling out Mariah for stealing his Sister’s Husband Kelvin


    #BBN : Angel reacts to #Cubanachiefpriest calling out Mariah for stealing his Sister’s Husband Kelvin.

    Angel is having a swell time reading all these call outs from Cubana Chief priest because Mariah her former fellow BBN housemate has reportedly taken another woman’s husband.

    recall that back in the house both ladies had an altercation after which they resolved it. Because everyone thought they were morally better than 21 year old Angel who don’t have a problem letting everyone know her life style.

    The revelation from yesterday proves otherwise, as Mariah is said to have been living with a married man in Dubai, who announcing that she is a real Estate Agent tin Dubai as publicized by Cubana Chief priest.

    Now Angel is happy. Clearly happy.

    Due to their #EndSars involvement Group calls on #AishaYesufu and #Falzthebadguy to run for president in 2023


    Due to their #EndSars involvement Group calls on #AishaYesufu and #Falzthebadguy to run for president in 2023

    Following their significant participation in the infamous 2020 EndSars that many have been silenced and forced to turn blind eyes to as far as living in the country goes.

    The fact that these two didn’t run off or get intimidated by anyone since the event,

    have given many the confidence to stand behind them for anything,

    and that includes having them as the President and his vice.

    A political poster has been produces a d making rounds that is calling on the two of them to run for president in 2023.

    Clearly Falz and Aisha are not specifically aware of this before now, so they must be either confused or uninterested in this.

    They are not going to run with this idea, but we love that the people behind it are very intense with their wishes. We wish them a good luck.

    #ClimateChange : #Pollution thickens as world’s biggest tire #graveyard goes ablaze


    What do you know about pollution? Can you look at place and know that it is being polluted, or about to be polluted? Well, here is one sight to practice your ability to spot it.

    According to a disturbing post made by Discoverearth on Instagram, A humongous waste land for tires, has been posted to be on a very serious fire, letting out a thick smoke to the environment.

    The Burning 🥵 tire Graveyard in Kuwait

    Here is the most horrible sight you would see today. This can’t be put out easily. But I don’t see any attempt to have that done in the first place.

    This sure poses a threat to the health of persons and communities that reside around and even far.

    This will smell, it will hurt internal organs are they breath it in, it will settle on cars and roofs, on plants and the ground.

    Interiors of a building will have dark stains, and eventually, our planet will definitely feel the effect of this crappy behaviour.

    The manufacturers of tires need to come up with a safe way to get rid of it. I guess this are the tires that have been condemned and tagged useless.God help us.

    This Hurts my eyes and the world’s climate

    Reposted from @discoverearth Our planet deserves better 💔The world’s biggest tire graveyard, located in Kuwait’s Sulaibiya neighbourhood is on fire.

    These fires are not only extremely challenging to put out, but their smoke is also filled with toxins…the black, thick wall of smoke can even be seen from space, and the toxicity of the fire poses a serious health and pollution concern for both the planet, wildlife and humans.

    Companies and governments must find more sustainable ways to handle vehicle tires and other waste!🇰🇼 #recoverKuwaitDM/Email for credit via @karmagawa

    #Kevinhart gets back at #NickCannon for sending him a #Lama for his birthday


    There are all kinds of prank in Hollywood, there is more amongst the males,and it even gets worse among the black males. This was the funny case for Comic Actor, Kevin hart, who recently turned 42 years old.

    Since he is the highest grossing black Comedian, he is assumed to have everything he wants. So when his colleague and buddy Nick Cannon (the father of new borns), decided to get him a gift for his birthday, it got a little intense, because, what can you get Kevin Hart for his birthday?? 🤦🏾‍♀️. This was the thought we assumed went through Nick Cannon’s mind when he went right ahead and got Kevin Hart a Lama for his birthday.

    Nick Cannon gifts Kevin Hart a Llama

    The father of four received the Lama and showed some unplanned gratitude on his Instagram page while being laughed at by his wife, Eniko Hart, as he went in by trying to walk the gentle giant creature. While Kevin assumed alot of things about the animal, he realized quickly that being walked and taking commands isn’t one of them.

    A billboard asking people to call and ask for fatherhood advice from Nick Cannon goes up in the name of Kevin Hart

    Kevin however had his wife make a video and take a photo of him and his beautiful gift, before posting on Instagram. Days later unsuspecting a revenge plot from him, Nick Cannon got his revenge right on time, when Kevin Hart posted up his number on a bill board asking everyone to give him a call for advise on fatherhood. And just like that, fans did call and it was indeed Nick at the other end of the phone taking these calls from total strangers abd cussing out Kevin .

    Kevin Hart gifts Nick Cannon a condom vending machine

    After feeling cheated and the need to say a thing or two about Nick Cannon baby making technics, Kevin gifted him a condom vending machine, which Nick is clearly not going to use, following his clear plan to make these babies and spread his DNA all around. He is being advised to probably gift these girl pants for pregnancy, since it is something that will definitely happen.

    Nick confidently gets these ladies pregnant, having them make their in pregnancy announcement that they are pregnant af on social media. One good thing is that of these ladies has accused him of neglecting them, or getting leaving pregnant and homeless so far, and non is underaged or a Pregnant teenager, featured in the Pregnant at 17 show. Their pregnant belly be so cute, without then needing pregnancy belt, they sure have their various pregnancy books, These things are definitely for the books, he clarified that none of them were pregnancy by mistake.

    They happily rocked their pregnancy cloths, kept their pregnancy diary in their pregnancy fit, like the pregnant jeans, pregnant leggings, pregnant jacket, pregnant hoodie and pregnant jumpsuit, pregnant sweatshirt and pregnant underwear with their tight knight pregnant friend group, especially if it belongs to a celebrity, so they are obligated to protect their pregnant person from the world, social media and paparazzi. Then shower them with pregnant presents, having their pregnant planner lead them through it all. Pregnant vitamins were probably made available to them when it was needed .

    But so far, non of these pregnant women is a pregnant wife to him yet. They engage in their Pregnant workout and simply enjoy the phase She’s Pregnant by Nick Cannon.

    At this point, he has to be featured in a movie titled Barbie pregnant , about to find out if these females are simply just queuing up, or maybe there is something he specifically looks out for. They will need to show the world how fit to be Pregnant they are. Because these days we simply hear I’m pregnant, and they are all by Nick Cannon. Not pregnant, should be the new I’m pregnant.

    Why Clickbank and Digistore24 won’t allow Nigerians to participate in their affiliate marketing program


    Why Clickbank and Digistore24 won’t allow Nigerians to participate in their affiliate marketing program

    Clickbank and Digistore24 are two of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms in the world, but they’re also two of the most difficult to become an affiliate of. Both companies have extremely strict rules and regulations, especially when it comes to Nigerians participating in their affiliate programs. Clickbank even has an entire page dedicated to the reasons why Nigerians aren’t allowed to register with their company or become affiliates at all. Many Nigerians are confused by this, but it all makes sense when you think about the tax laws that both Clickbank and Digistore24 have to adhere to in order to be considered legit businesses.


    Scammers are everywhere
    Affiliate marketers use the internet to help promote products for a commission. Scammers are using Nigerian email addresses as part of their email footer, which makes it difficult for companies like Clickbank and Digistore24 to determine if an email is from a Nigerian resident. These companies have reported an increase in scammers from Nigeria, so they’ve had no choice but to lock Nigerians out of this program. It’s sad that these Nigerians can’t take advantage of the benefits that other people get because they’re innocent.

    But without any way to prove where someone lives, there’s not much these companies can do. So what can we learn from this? Always be wary of emails claiming to be affiliated with Clickbank or Digistore24 – they may just be trying to scam you. Be cautious of who you share personal information with on the internet, and never give away more than your name. The only way to know for sure who someone is online is to request their phone number and verify through caller ID before trusting them. If you’re ever contacted by someone who wants to give you free money, don’t believe anything they say unless they’re willing to send funds first.


    In order to prevent getting scammed, stay alert when browsing the internet! Remember that Clickbank and Digistore24 block Nigerians because of fraud concerns. You can avoid being taken advantage of by being cautious about giving up personal information over the internet, requesting callers’ phone numbers before providing your own contact information, and verifying those callers through caller ID.

    The risks of sharing your credit card information are too great, as many websites offer all kinds of incentives for stealing such info. Don’t fall prey to identity theft: you’ll regret it later. Lastly, if you see any site offering bonuses for signing up to their website and filling out some survey forms, keep scrolling! They’re probably just trying to get your personal information so they can sell it off later.


    There are enough opportunities available on the web; don’t waste your time going after scams. Save your energy for something worthwhile instead. As you search for legitimate businesses, remember that Clickbank and Digistore24 blocked Nigerians from participating in their affiliate marketing programs due to fraud concerns. Make sure to verify potential partners before agreeing to meet offline or hand over any private information. Be careful not to trust anyone who contacts you with promises of free money unless they want to provide the funds upfront first – saving both parties the risk of getting scammed themselves.

    Stay alert when surfing the web and always be mindful about how you present your private information! Trusting strangers on the internet can be tricky business. Avoid offers promising free money, surveys, and bonuses – they may turn out to be nothing but elaborate scams to steal your hard-earned cash. Only deal with trusted websites or individuals when giving away sensitive data.


    It isn’t just you, it’s happening to everyone
    It is more than just Nigerians that are experiencing this. I recently spoke with a friend of mine who is from the UK, he has been an active member of Clickbank for over 10 years. He told me that he was notified via email two days ago that he had been banned from the affiliate marketing program on account of fraud and tax reasons. The email read In order to maintain the security of our platform and keep it available for legitimate members only, we have closed your ClickBank account. So what gives? Is there a specific country they don’t want as affiliates? Should Nigerians be afraid of shopping online? Maybe, but probably not.


    In reality, most people won’t even notice the difference between Nigeria and another country when browsing online stores. It’s likely just a business decision made by these companies to limit their risk by excluding all Nigerian customers until they can find ways to protect themselves against fraudsters. Hopefully, they can find new solutions soon before any more innocent people lose out on income opportunities because of fraudulent transactions! A few weeks ago I got an invitation to become an affiliate marketer at one of my favourite sites.

    To my dismay, after completing my sign-up process and trying to complete my profile it kept telling me that someone with the same name already exists so I couldn’t proceed. What’s worse is that they require you enter a US zip code which obviously Nigerians do not have access to either! And if you’re lucky enough to find one that does exist, the company doesn’t accept non-US addresses for login purposes. Some sites will let you register without entering a US zip code, but then once inside, they don’t let you earn commissions unless you’ve set up billing through them too.


    There is no point in being an affiliate if the company doesn’t trust or accept money from your country. Imagine how much money Nigerians would save on expensive shipping costs if we could just shop online like everyone else! Even though Clickbank and Digistore24 now seem less attractive, perhaps there are other programs out there that would be more welcoming to us… After researching extensively and talking to some industry experts, I found out about Commission Factory. Unlike Clickbank, Commission Factory allows Nigerians to participate in their affiliate marketing program. They were kind enough to give me some insight into why they decided to offer such inclusive policies.

    Apparently, the team at the commission factory really believes in education and wants to help bring financial prosperity to developing nations. They also felt strongly about supporting hardworking individuals anywhere in the world, especially since they know firsthand that many Nigerians are unemployed or underemployed due to unemployment levels and lack of resources. With their support, Nigerians can turn part-time hobbies into full-time careers – changing lives everywhere! I’m excited to get started and learn more about how I can make a living online.

    Nigerians are still welcome to join the affiliate marketing program on Digistore24, Clickbank is just currently blocking Nigerians from participating. It seems that the only requirement is to have a credit card and a United States address. I contacted Digistore24 and they confirmed that there are no geographical restrictions in place for Nigerians. That being said, Nigerians can’t purchase anything on the site since we can’t pay for it with PayPal! Clickbank has offered its own explanations for banning Nigerians from its affiliate marketing program but it is unclear if these measures are enforced worldwide or just within Africa.


    For Affordable items Jumia with free deliveey

    5 Quick ways to Reconnect with Your Pre-Pregnancy Body After Birth


    5 Quick ways to Reconnect with Your Pre-Pregnancy Body After Birth

    In the wake of imparting your body to a minuscule — yet requesting — individual for pretty much a year, you might be tingling to feel such as yourself once more. Assuming you’ve encountered a simple vaginal conveyance, you might have the option to begin practicing even sooner than you’d anticipate.

    When is it protected to begin practicing in the wake of conceiving an offspring?

    Despite the fact that you might be feeling perfect, it’s ideal to abstain from overexerting yourself in the wake of conceiving an offspring. The vast majority for the most part need six to about two months to recuperate from labor, however, for individuals who had a simple birth, delicate activities can start not long after conveyance. Likewise, the sort and power of activities you can do after a vaginal conveyance rely basically upon your movement level during pregnancy. In the wake of conversing with your maternity specialist or specialist, it’s entirely fine to begin practicing once you feel prepared.

    Anyway, the start ought to be steady. There are numerous safe post-pregnancy practices that you can begin doing very quickly after a straightforward vaginal conveyance. Make sure to contact your medical services supplier about the best methodology for you.

    What kinds of activities are protected after vaginal conveyance?

    The pelvic floor needs unique consideration after vaginal birth. Pelvic floor practices are designated reinforcing moves that can be begun following labor. You can do Kegel activities to condition the muscles that help your bladder, gut, and uterus. The way into these activities is the withdrawal and unwinding of specific muscles. Attempt to do something like 10 redundancies three times each day.

    One more protected practice after vaginal conveyance is light strolling. In a hurry, get up and stroll around. Your endurance will gradually and consistently work over the course of the weeks following conveyance. Strolling isn’t just helpful for your actual well-being yet additionally supports your psychological well-being. Strolling permits you to appreciate nature, unwind and pay attention to book recordings or most loved webcasts. It can likewise assist with decreasing the gamble of post-pregnancy anxiety, and it’ll inspire you to wander beyond the house. You can likewise welcome somebody to go along with you.

    Hold back nothing each seven-day stretch of moderate-force vigorous activity. You can isolate this time into 10-minute meetings a few times each day, for instance.

    Light stretches are additionally alright in the wake of conceiving an offspring — simply take sure each action feels better and doesn’t cause torment or pulling. Extending activities should be possible something like two times every week.

    Other than pelvic floor activities, strolling, and extending, stand by basically until any draining has halted and you’ve completely recuperated prior to continuing strength preparing or more energetic activities. Try to counsel a medical services supplier prior to hopping into post-pregnancy stomach muscle works out.

    How might I lose child fat and remain sound?

    Above all else, show restraint toward yourself. Your body just did something fantastic! With the assistance of your PCP or birthing specialist, put forth a practical objective. It might take from a half year to one year to arrive at the ideal weight. Putting forth transient objectives can likewise spur you to continue to push ahead.

    Following a reasonable eating routine as well as practicing can help your weight reduction venture. Losing around one pound or 0.5 kilograms each week is viewed as protected.

    The reason for the post-pregnancy practice is most important to feel better, both intellectually and truly. Actual work can be unwinding and stress-diminishing in this new season. When your body has recuperated and you’ve begun acclimating to this new little individual in your life, you can start designated exercises, for example, activities to decrease stomach fat after conveyance.

    To condition, your stomach after conveyance, execute a mix of cardio, strength preparation, high-impact movement, and a sound eating regimen.

    5 Quick ways to Reconnect with Your Pre-Pregnancy Body After Birth

    Post-pregnancy practices limitations

    Specialists exhort being cautious as you start the post-pregnancy workout. Practices that make strain on your stomach, for example, crunches, sit-ups, and front boards ought to stay away from for basically the initial month and a half or until after your post-pregnancy test.
    The explanation is a typical condition called diastasis recti that certain individuals foster after pregnancy. As the uterus grows, two vertical abs that overview your center are extended separated, and the distance between them increments. A distance of multiple centimeters is viewed as strange. Certain individuals have a lump in the mid-region between these muscles. Notwithstanding pressure and protruding in the stomach muscles, diastasis recti can cause low back torment.

    Diastasis recti are not perilous, yet they can deteriorate with specific post-pregnancy stomach muscle works out. To try not to make any harm to feeble pelvic floor muscles or further isolate stomach muscles, avoid center activities until you have been really taken a look at by your medical services supplier.

    5 activities to integrate into your post-pregnancy wellness routine
    Here are probably the best activities after conveyance for a level stomach.

    Profound breathing with stomach constriction
    This exercise should be possible in practically any position — resting, sitting, or standing — yet ought to initially be worked on resting until it feels good.

    Begin by taking a full breath. Allow your midsection to grow. As you breathe out, contract your abs, pulling your stomach button toward your spine. Keep your spine unbiased and try not to fold your hips. Envision that you’re pulling your entire gut in toward your stomach button and back toward your spine. Discharge as you breathe in and permit your midsection to grow once more. Rehash this grouping multiple times three times each day. Whenever you have figured out how to connect with these profound center muscles — the cross-over abdominis — you can stand firm on the foothold through a couple of breaths and do this practice in any position.

    Cross-over abdominis practices after pregnancy are significant in light of the fact that they center around a basic gathering of muscles that can assist with fixing your stomach after pregnancy.

    Pelvic slant
    Like the activity over, the pelvic slant is an unobtrusive yet compelling activity to lessen tummy fat after conveyance. It’s likewise quite possibly the most secure activity to do after vaginal conveyance.

    Lie on your back on a mat with your knees twisted at a 90-degree point and feet immovably established on the floor. Slant your hips toward your chest area and connect with your center as you raise your base about an inch off the floor. Take a stab at shutting the hole between the bend of your lower back and the floor. Stand firm on this footing for 10 seconds, then, at that point, discharge. Rehash multiple times. Stir up to 20 reps over the long run.

    A front board may not be the best activity after pregnancy to decrease stomach swell. At times, it will make the specific inverse occur, particularly on the off chance that you have diastasis recti. A sideboard or side extension, in any case, is a totally protected post-pregnancy workout. Truth be told, it is quite possibly the best cross-over stomach practice after pregnancy.

    Begin with a changed sideboard and move gradually up from that point.

    Adjusted sideboard. Lie on your side on a mat with your feet stacked on top of one another. Twist your knees with the goal that your legs structure at a 90-degree point. Put your elbow on the mat straightforwardly under your shoulder and lift your hips, making a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for 10-15 seconds and afterward discharge for 15 seconds. Rehash multiple times. Move gradually up until you can stand firm on the foothold for 60 seconds. Do a similar succession on the opposite side.

    Attempt this exercise every day for seven days. During the subsequent week, keep the elbow bowed and the knees broadened. For the third week, attempt to keep the elbow straight however the knees bowed at a 90-degree point. By the fourth week, you’ll be prepared to handle an unmodified sideboard.

    Normal sideboard. Lie on your side on a mat with your feet stacked on top of one another and your legs straight. Put an elbow on the mat straightforwardly underneath your shoulder and lift your hips off the mat, framing a straight line from your feet, through your legs and middle, and up to your shoulders. Keep your neck straight too. Hold however long you can and deliver for 15 seconds. Move gradually up until you can stand firm on the foothold for 60 seconds. Rehash multiple times, then switch sides.

    Sideboard with leg lift. Whenever you’ve dominated the sideboard, toss in an additional test by doing leg lifts. When you’re in the sideboard position, lift your top leg in the air as high as possible without allowing your hips to sink. Hold however long you can and deliver for 15 seconds. Move gradually up until you can stand firm on the footing for 60 seconds. Rehash multiple times, then switch sides.

    The scaffold is an ideal activity after vaginal conveyance since it centers around your center, pelvic floor muscles, and gluteus muscles. It will help fortify and actuate these muscle gatherings.

    Begin by lying on your back on an activity mat with your knees bowed and your feet fixed solidly on the floor.
    Drive through your heels and raise your hips over the floor, crushing your gluteus muscles and connecting with your pelvic floor muscles.
    Your body ought to frame a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for a couple of moments, then, at that point, discharge.
    Rehash 10-15 times, rest briefly, and afterward play out one more arrangement of 10-15 reiterations.

    Child Lift Squats

    Squats with arm raise work your whole body, including the legs, hips, glutes, center, and arms. In addition to the fact that you are expanding your solidarity and hip adaptability, however, this post-pregnancy practice with your child is an extraordinary method for holding while at the same time keeping your little one engaged.

    Hold your child before you with two hands.
    Stand with your feet somewhat more than hip-width separated and your toes ended up being insulting.
    Take in and twist at the hip, pushing your base back as your knees twist.
    Keep your back straight and your spine nonpartisan as you hunch down as though you’re going to sit on a low seat. Simultaneously, lift your child.
    Draw in your center and pelvic floor muscles as you return to a standing position.
    Rehash multiple times


    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up


    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up

    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up

    Anybody can start a blog, but very few people end up with an influential one. The reason most blogs fail to make it big has nothing to do with the quality of their content; it’s just because they don’t have a plan to spread the word and build an engaged audience around what they write about. Fortunately, there are certain strategies you can use to make your blog blow up, which means more traffic and more popularity than you ever dreamed possible!

    Write posts that are insightful, personal, and relatable

    1. Be creative with your blog posts. Write about things that are unique and interesting to you, especially those that you have experience with. You want people to read what you’re writing because they see themselves in it. 2. Be consistent with your posting schedule. If you blog once a week, stick with blogging once a week, don’t write twice one week and then not for a month the next time around. Consistency is key! 3. Stay active on social media. Posting updates on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will increase your following on each site. 4. Always include a call-to-action at the end of every post: encourage readers to subscribe to your blog, share your post with their friends, or follow you on social media sites.
      I hope this helps you blow up as a blogger!
    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up

    Post on social media multiple times per day
    Posting on social media multiple times per day will help your blog blow up. It is a proven fact that the more posts you have, the more likely it is that someone will see it and become a reader. Start with posting at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Then adjust accordingly to your schedule if you can’t manage two posts per day. The key is to post as often as possible. Don’t worry about writing long posts: People are busy, so don’t worry about making your blog post too long for them to read. Most people only scroll through their newsfeeds for 10 seconds before deciding whether or not they want to read something so short paragraphs and bullet points work best for most readers who want an overview of what you’re writing about.

    Maintain an active Google My Business page
    By maintaining an active Google My Business page, you’ll be able to monitor how many views your blog is receiving and how long readers are staying on your site. It’s also a good idea to update this page with new posts as they’re published so readers can have a clear understanding of what’s going on in your world. One way to do that is by publishing a post called What I’m Working On Now or What’s Next? which will allow you to communicate the current state of your blog without having to resort to answering emails all day.

    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up

    Be authentic and consistent with your brand voice
    You have to be authentic and consistent with your brand voice. If you’re not, people will pick up on that. And that’s okay as long as you’re being true to yourself. Just make sure you are communicating the same message across all social media platforms. Don’t just post about your food when you’re active on Instagram but don’t post at all about it when you’re active on Twitter! Be strategic and plan accordingly for each platform. What makes sense for a blog post might not translate well for a Facebook update or tweet (and vice versa). For example, if I post a recipe that requires five ingredients and takes 20 minutes to prepare on my blog page, I would probably want to link back to this recipe from my Facebook page where I can show more pictures of the dish. My Tweets should also link back to my website for more in-depth information. Think about what your goals are in terms of marketing–if you want more followers, then use different tactics than if you want more conversions or engagement.

    Ready To Become a Richer Blogger, then Click the link below to Join BookBolt and Thank Me Later

    Collaborate with brands relevant to your audience

    1. Find brands in your niche who would be interested in sponsoring your blog. 2. Reach out to them with a sample of the posts you have written about their product, and provide a link for them to review your blog site. 3. Craft an email that will pique their interest and make them want to work with you. 4. Offer yourself as a writer-for-hire: Once you get some partnerships established, use what has worked for you so far and turn it into more opportunities by offering your services as a writer-for-hire. You can find clients through networking events or by reaching out to influencers on social media with tailored offers based on what they do best. For example, if you are good at interviewing musicians, offer your services to music blogs. If you are skilled at video editing, offer video production assistance to lifestyle bloggers. The most important thing is to focus on being helpful instead of trying to sell something because this type of word-of-mouth marketing is great for business!
    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up
    How to Make Your Blog Blow Up

    Reach out to other bloggers in your niche
    It’s important to reach out to other bloggers in your niche and build relationships with them. You never know who might be reading their blog, and it could be the person who you need to help. Plus, connecting with like-minded people will help you grow your following. Share what you’re doing: One of the best ways to get more followers is by letting others know what you’re doing. Share when a new post goes live on your site or when there are any special promotions or sales going on. Use social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to share links to articles on your blog so that potential readers can find the content that interests them. Be sure to engage in discussions about topics that aren’t directly related to your website as well – these types of posts often result in high levels of engagement from readers which can lead to increased traffic. Guest bloggers on your platform you all so reach today

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    72-year-old Charlie boy reminisces on the booty loving days of his youth


    72-year-old Charlie boy reminisces on the booty loving days of his youth

    Father, GrandFather, Area Father and husband Charlie boy, a laid down his youthful exuberance unprovoked. The hyperactive activist who hailed the livid Nigerian Students for their expression when they block the airport road following the 6 months strike action of ASUU, due to the broken promises from the head of state/president.

    ASUU while they were in the back and forth with the presidency has given these Nigerian lecturer a tangible reason to up and moved away from home. The fed up student blocked the road to the Lagos State international and local Airport, rendering many frustrated, in other to send the government a message.

    Being the father of the area, he felt the need to applaud them and identify with then in their current disturbing situation. I guess the expression for today was sponsored by adulthood and aging. He puts the Ag in aging. The fact that this man looks nothing like a 70-year-old, is so impressive , from his Ag hair, his pants, his skin, his behaviour, nothing at all says 70. Out here looking like an age 20, following his age care, how can you look this good at age 72? Not an age of age, or an age of consent, but an age of empire and also age of innocence. Also not an age of sword. Aging with grace, seriously aging well, with the help of aging cream . It is not doubt that Charlie is aging well, and his in parents must to have named him after King Charles III. He is aging well, like a Benjamin button. Clearly in the ages of empire, while aging in place and aging well. As a senior citizen he is nothing like one. In his guilded age , looking like an over grown baby in his preschool baby.,

    Posted @withrepost • @areafada1 Life has finally happened to me.😅🧐

    Posted @withrepost • @areafada1 Make everybody miss der flight maybe na den dem go understand our plight.Nigerian Students, I thank una I hail una.Infact if we fit ground everywhere our masters do the right to settle and end dis useless Strike, let’s do it.This our masters are not even listening to us, enough is enough biko.Am tired of being a frustrated President of frustrated youths.

    Posted @withrepost • @areafada1 Make everybody miss der flight maybe na den dem go understand our plight.

    Nigerian Students, I thank una I hail una.
    Infact if we fit ground everywhere our masters do the right to settle and end dis useless Strike, let’s do it.

    This our masters are not even listening to us, enough is enough biko.
    Am tired of being a frustrated President of frustrated youths.

    Actress Nia Long’s Nigerian husband cheats with female team member, violates code of conduct


    Actress Nia Long’s Nigerian husband cheats with female team member, violates code of conduct

    The Calabar husband of Actress Nia Long, has been said to have been found breaking the code of conduct,by dating within his team. Being the Celtics coach, Mr Udoka should have known better than to do this.

    According to the post made by Shams Charania, he said one he had an alleged improper ,intimate and consensual relationship with a female member of the team staff, which is now being deemed a violation of Franchise code of conduct.

    Our Nigerian men and eating combined food though. It is always the way forward. The Actress has had her name mentioned in the ongoing disregard for code of conduct, following her status in the movie industry.

    Hollywood and controversies, this will prove to you that at every point in time, people are steady show their love for controversial topics. I guess people wouldn’t even pay any attention to the issue. According to our society, it is worthy of an applause when a man cheats, because he handled his situation graciously.

    But a woman cheating is calling for a stigmatisation, stoning, or even some form of punishment for the act. In this case, when freely go ahead and cheat, while women saddled with the sole responsibility of hiding her ways. So while the society will not freely install a cheating husband tracker following their believe.

    A certain shame comes to the partner of a cheating spouse. This could certainly be the reason why a cheating wife is not bother much these days, the only cheat that should be on our mind should be the Keto cheat meal. If the tables were turned and it was the wide cheating, I know how much guilt the society will try to pull out of her. But this is silently happening so we will silently watch on.

    More Details emerge from the story of a wife who lost her life trying to track down her husband and his side chic on a date


    Details emerge from the sad story of a wife who lost her life trying to track down her husband and his side chic on a date

    Days ago it was reported that a woman who caught her cheating husband in a supermarket, and this man reportedly immediately started making the move to escape with his side piece, from his upset wife. Being upset made this woman push aware her safety and saturated to speed,. But for the way she felt, she let her anger to make her decisions, as she finds her serial husband with his side chic. Now she has lost her life to the incident, and now her friends pained that she allowed herself to get swallowed up by the incident.

    The woman who caused her very own car crash and ended up losing her life to it, leaving the serial cheating husband alive with the woman he was cheering with. I am just wondering how people let themselves go through this horror. If it wasn’t for the bush, there would have been room to crash cars of other users. No one sets out to be involved in crash of cars, but rage does the whole magic for you, however, Crashing of cars become very likely inches you throw caution to the wind. Car crash deaths have significantly risen in the last decade as more and more people decide to react to every situation.

    More details have emerged on the lawyer who died in an accident while chasing her husband and an alleged side chic in Calabar on Sunday, September 18.The deceased, Claret Opara Bassey, and Mr. Sunday Bassey have been married for over 10 years, with three kids.

    According to the Nation, on Sunday, September 18, she reportedly got a call from one of her friends that her husband was sighted in a shopping mall with the alleged side chic.

    She was said to have immediately driven to the mall in one of their cars.Getting there, she saw her husband about to leave the premises of the shopping mall and inside his car was the alleged side chic identified as Laticia.Upon sighting the wife, he hurriedly drove off with Laticia in the front seat.

    Mrs Bassey went after her husband’s car and the more he accelerated, the more the wife tried to catch up with the car until they got to the highway, the publication reports.

    The husband was said to have decided to veer off from the highway to adjoining streets of the State Housing estate, forcing the wife to make a U-turn.She then lost control of the car and rammed into a tree, leaving her seriously injured and the car badly damaged.

    Eyewitnesses said immediately he saw from the back mirror that the wife was involved in an accident, the husband made a u-turn.The alleged side chick dropped off and fled the scene while the husband rallied to rescue his wife, the publication reports.

    The tearful husband was said to have apologised to his wife who was in the pool of her blood.”He was apologetic before the dying wife and pleaded that she should not die. He rushed the wife to Navy hospital in Calabar where she was reportedly confirmed dead,” an eyewitness told The Nation.

    Friends of the couple said they started dating during their university daysOne of the deceased’s friend named Queenofhearts Oyoyo wrote on the deceased’s Facebook page: “My friend is gone, Barr. Claret Bassey; you were intimidated, subdued and abused until you gave up.

    I told you to focus on yourself and your kids. What happened that you didn’t call any of your bone friends as usual? I am broken to pieces.”


    #KingCharles III caught on tape avoiding hand shake with a black man in public


    #KingCharles III caught on tape avoiding hand shake with a black man in public

    “God bless the King, but what in the hell?”

    So in 2022, a whole King Charles is only accepting his white subjects? A video has got black people speaking in various languages. The New King of England was seen in a vital video giving handshakes to his subjects who stood by while he walked passed them. However, an enthusiastic black man was seen in line as well, impatiently for his turn to come for a hand shake.

    When it finally came, the happy black man was surprised to see the king looking away and walk past him while waving in the air at no particular person. Some are saying that he didn’t notice the black man because he looked away while taking a step, but his facial expression contradicts that.

    The King specifically looked at the next man and free Shakin the last white person, and the next man happens to be the eager Blackman. The King walked past before shaking the very next guy in line.The black man however, wasn’t her for it. He stretched forth his hands and received the reluctantly hand shake form the kind who was disgusted by the act, before resuming the shakes with other white people.

    It is particularly shocking to see this, knowing that the king hasn’t yet been seen in this light by me. Who would have thought that the royal majesty had a thing like this.? Am I the one residing unnecessary meaning into this video, as seen on CNN, or did this really happen? I thought you had to be very tolerant to be a king , and he has to be the king of the road to be on the road, and king of the sea .

    Now everyone is excited end expectant for the rise for the king, only for this to dampen spirits? It was clearly the road of the king, so it is expected that he treats his subjects with love and kindness, even if they are black.

    It is displeasing to think that the king is racist, but what do we call this? The King has to hang with the kings to know how to hide his legitimate feeling when in public.

    Moment Princess of Wales arrived at Westminster Abbey without her last child Prince Louis following his previous viral tantrum


    Moment Princess of Wales arrived at Westminster Abbey without her last child Prince Louis following his previous viral tantrum

    During the Queen’s golden jubilee, the family converged for good, while celebrating the Queen’s golden jubilee. The pillar of the royal home has passed in, and the thrown is now being filled with the men who grew up right before the screens of our televisions, now the ones heading the affairs of the Nation.

    To avoid what had happened in the Queen’s Jubilee celebration, where Prince Louis showed just how intense he can be despite his royal upbringing, Princess of Wales have gone ahead to leave him out of the public eye, so no one will start to tarnish the young Prince’s image when he was just a toddler throwing tantrum after getting tired of the endless event of his great-grandmother, the Queen. Not sure who was in charge of him when the whole family had a role to play in the funeral. She clearly stepped out with her well behaved chidlren to avoid embarrassment.

    Princess of Wales seems to be having her hands full at while until this moment.With the fans in emotional support mood, they have an acknowledgement card funerals, with their black funeral dress. I hope they kept them intact. The Queen’s coffin for funeral has got to be the strongest one ever, because she has been moved around so many times, compared to other coffins for funeral, which would have given way by now.

    It is impressive how well Catherine knows the dresses to wear to funeral, especially since it is a family funeral. These days no one has the time for funeral flowers, just out there for the funeral. It is an emotional funeral for obvious reasons, even to the kids.

    A bunch of funeral arrangements must have gone down, especially when the grand chidlren had to stand Virgil for the late Queen. I’m sure there were cards, but weren’t for the public. With that hand picked funeral casket of the Queen, must have been a very special one being who she is, plus her age makes it funeral celebration. I must applaud the funeral director, or in her case, a set of funeral directors .

    Her funeral flowers sure were minimal , so there must have been a funeral guide to funeral gifts giving.To think that her funeral hearse has been busy for like a week before her burial

    Livid Wife dies while trying to track her husband and his side chic in Calabar


    Livid Wife dies while trying to track her husband and his side chic in Calabar

    Nigerians are expressing great disdain for a life lost to infidelity. A married woman in Calabar is said to have channeled her energy into the wrong things in life, not realising how much time and life she wanted trying to catch her husband who was in a car with his side chic when the wife saw them.

    In her anger, the Flamingo lady made to confront her husband and get to know who the other lady is. Her sense of judgement was over taken by anger and she forgot the very important thing, ‘safety’, when she drove into the bush and lost her life to it.

    According to eye witness on Facebook #StephenOkposin who is said to have been driving behind the scene, he revealed that the accident happened at Murtala Mohammed highway in Calabar, where the woman saw her husband and his side chic in a shop,

    So she assumed the place of Jake Bond and chased after them in her SUV trying to double Cross her husband driving the other car, but the man disappeared on top speed, triggering the woman’s anger and causing her not to think straight anymore, and she ended up in a bush off the road, unintentionally killing herself.

    The running man must have seen her get into a car accident, as he was equally said to have dropped off his side chic and coming back to check up on his wife when she was in critical condition She lost her life after she was rushed to a hospital.

    This was a case of a wife’s nightmare coming to pass, and she thought she had a thing or two to do about it.A wife’s prayer for a happy home has ended in sorrow. An adulterer’s wife has got to have a certain measure of calmness for her sanity and life..Now look Just how fast she is dead and gone. She could have been a bettered wife all her life, only to die when she found her voice. Not sure if she was a house wife, but husband and wife issues are always touchy when the wife is at a disadvantage. The difference between a Nigerina wife and an Irish wife/ Peruvian wife is the fact that you save your energy for the court and law . Now that she is dead he will wish he got present for the wife, maybe a necklace for wife who is no longer alive.

    Puerto Rico submerged in total blackout as hurricane fiona makes her destructive sweep through the Island


    Puerto Rico submerged in total blackout as hurricane fiona makes her destructive sweep through the Island

    The washed away Puerto Rican bridge during the sweep by hurricane fiona

    The entire island of Puerto Rico is making a run, taking a cover, or picking up the piece of damage caused by the young and energetic hurricane fiona that wept through the Island and causing all degrees of destruction to the people and property on the island. Residents who got ready for the movement knew just to gather up the most important things and take cover. Although no amount of preparation leaves you perfectly prepared for a hurricane sweep through, some damages will definitely surpass your expectations.

    Candles for hurricanes should have been gotten and put in safety hurricanes pack, while preparing to survive a natural disaster. Hurricanes are generally known to surpass their estimated extent of catastrophe. Take for instance the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida hurricanes that had just the same damage significance to Fiona hurricane right now. Despite the preparedness towards this, from food for hurricane to hurricane kit and hurricane supplies, it still significantly affects the neighbourhood.

    Hurricane documentaries are a good way to learn more than just the name. For preparation, an announcement is made ahead of it arrival, to prepare those who need to either evacuate their homes, or stay in the safest part of it. Some basis hurricane essentials are sold on Amazon as part of the safety starter pack for everyone living in the arena and expecting her deadly sweep through.Items such as : hurricane clip, hurricane fabric, hurricane fan, hurricane fastener, hurricane flashlight, hurricane freeze, hurricane lampshade, hurricane lantern, hurricane hurricane lights.

    Hurricane Idah and hurricane Katrina must have a friend in hurricane fiona who is currently reigning supreme. The hurricane impact hasn’t yet been determined in totality, but we know that a bridge has gone, and that is not even the end of it. After the hurricane preparedness after the hurricane tracker comes the hurricane protection, with hurricane panels and driven to destinations and away from target areas with hurricane shutters, rescue centres and camp for displaced people should be equally constructed with hurricane windows and doors in the event of people needed shelters. Generally, hurricanes are raging forces which uproots wherever is on their way.

    Puerto Rico submerged in total blackout as hurricane fiona makes her destructive sweep through the Island

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