Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals
    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    Basically, everyone is trying to get the bag through one hustle means or the other, leaving professionals with little to no time to cater to their homes. The need to make more money, to lead an envious life, in addition to a comfortable life, has created a whirlwind of busy humans, whether in good or not so good ways, leaving people with little or no time for housekeeping, and not even making enough to hire a cleaning company, every now and then.

    This lifestyle is bound to produce a messy and discomforting home for almost everyone. But what good will this blog be, if not to provide handy tips/hacks to make your life easier while trying to better it? Luckily for you, we have some cleaning hacks tailored to suit this particular lifestyle of people who are scheduled to a tight corner, to enable you to make that space you call home, a happy, clean and comfortable place to return after the hustle and bustle of the day.

    It is almost impossible to attend to all of your schedules from work and personal life commitments and responsibilities within the limited time and still attend to the cleaning, decluttering and sanitizing of the home. Still, with our cleaning hacks, your evenings, weekends and days off, will become yours for rest and recovery from the stress and exhaustion of work.

    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals
    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    1. Schedule Your Cleaning

    One of the most significant ways to reduce the burden of cleaning your home will be to actually map the parts of the home to be cleaned, and allocate days for them. This is simply to divide your home into various cleaning groups mentally, and then allocate the days for them and the specific tasks that will be done in that home. This can be done on your gadgets like phones, iPads, PCs etc., or manually on your calendar, diary, journals and more. For instance: Mondays can be for cleaning up the light clean up of the kitchen and dining area, Wednesdays can be for the light cleaning of the toilet and bathroom, and Fridays can be for the living room area, and then on the weekends, you can have a general deep cleaning of the home. Breaking them into simple tasks will buy you time to rest and recuperate without feeling defeated or overwhelmed.

    2. Regular Decluttering

    Set aside a few minutes to return things to where they were taken from in your home right after usage, discard those that are no longer in use or needed, and wipe down surfaces. This simple act makes the weekend general cleaning, as easy as ABCs. It is a lot easier to clean a decluttered home than a cluttered one.

    3. Consider Purchasing Smart Cleaning Devices

    Smart cleaning devices will pick up dirt and clean surfaces faster and easier than a human having to strain and bend to clean up, even though a human has to operate the smart devices. These include Microfibre cleaning cloths that pick up specks of dirt, thereby reducing the need for excessive scrubbing of a stain, and spray mops for some fast cleanup, which combines the mop and its cleaning solution, which only requires a little effort to clean up. The robot vacuum cleans up your floor while you are away at work, or busy with something around the house, which saves you time and energy.

    4. Combine Cleaning with fun activities

    The thought of cleaning leaves some people tense and scared. So, combining it with activities you enjoy, just might take the tension away, by creating a distraction which will hasten the dreaded cleaning tasks, as this maximises efficiency. For instance, while cleaning, you could exercise, count the repeated activities to know how much movement was put into the task, listen to your favourite music, make calls with people you love to speak with, and maybe just dance to that nice song.

    5. Spend Time Creating Better Cleaning Kits Online

    Better cleaning kits are manufactured on a daily basis, with people bringing out new and improved cleaning kits that have been adjusted to suit their daily lives and the different areas of their homes, for instance, those cleaning kits that can fit into the tiny part of your homes, where your fingers can’t get into, and have a cute caddy to keep cleaning kits away safely. This makes your work easier, and that reduces your cleaning time.

    6. Setting A 15- Minutes Timer To Rush Through Your Chores

    When you tell yourself that you can do your chores for 15 minutes, that will trick your brain into simplifying the task, and you immediately see it as an easy thing to get done and over with, in a short time. You can set a timer, to even further convince yourself that it is a simple task for a short time, and do as much as you can, within that time, making it a fun game, rather than a serious set of chores, and even burn some calories while making it fast.

    7. High-traffic areas Should Be Prioritised

    Whenever you don’t have a specific part of the house to clean at a specific time, you will likely end up not doing anything. It is only feasible when you have identified a specific place to clean at a specific time, which makes your job feasible because not every room in your house requires the same amount of attention at every point you attempt to clean because the high-traffic areas get messier faster than the other less used areas. So prioritise the areas to clean.

    8. Remember to Delegate Chores

    The saying that “everybody can do something that somebody should do”, can be put to good use, when a busy person hasn’t got enough time to handle chores, and luckily they don’t live alone, then do yourself a favour and don’t die in silence. People who hate to help out with anything, always use the excuse that ” they weren’t asked.” When you are overwhelmed, open up your mouth and delegate chores to the people in your household. Don’t assume that common sense will help them decipher when they should help. Not everyone has common sense, and you might pass out from exhaustion before they eventually come to our help. That being said, please help yourself, by delegating chores to other human beings who can be of assistance to you.

    9. Consider getting multipurpose and time-saving cleaning devices

    As earlier mentioned, new and improved cleaning products come out every day, because people use products, spot what could be improved upon, and then try to bring out products that have been improved upon. Always look out for cleaning products that are designed for efficiency, with multipurpose functionalities to eliminate the need for multiple products. For instance, the Hoover vacuum that now has a carpet-washing function is new and improved and has got everyone obsessed with it.

    10. Consider a Professional Cleaning Service team

    After checking how much mess you have successfully created throughout the week, bi-weekly, or month, and it looks too much for you to handle, then peacefully consider contacting the professional cleaning team to come save you. Cleaning lightly every time week is fine, but when you think it is time for some deep cleaning, then invite the “Experts” to come to tickle your home a little, giving you the time to focus on other things that equally need your attention, without being mentally exhausted from thinking about these chores.

    11. In With The New And Out With The Old Rule

    The fastest way to clutter will be to continually bring items into the home, without ever taking any out. When everything looks good, needed and functional to you, then there is a problem, because you will never bring yourself to follow the rule. So to prevent clutter from piling up, consider the in-and-out rule, which ensures that something leaves the house whenever a new thing comes in. This is especially important for those who live in small spaces, in tiny rooms or in expensive cities. Your goal will be to maintain your available and affordable space, this simple rule will ensure a clutter-free living space.

    12. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself While At It

    Cleaning your home is not a competition unless it actually is. So, cleaning should be done in manageable bits and with the goal of achieving whatever you can, within the limited period you have. You are not aiming for perfection, but prioritising and bettering your space. So don’t be too hard on yourself while at it, but do your best.

    13. Always Appreciate The Result And Reward Yourself

    No matter how exhausted you are, always look back at your work in admiration, knowing the difference your cleaning has made. Secondly, no matter how small, always reward yourself with something you have. For instance, a cup of tea and cookies could be enjoyed in your clean space. Treat yourself to something little, that you can afford, because it is the little things that matter. This can make your brain happy and look to get to the end of the chores, making it less of a chore, and a fun game.

    Tidy Home: Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks For Busy Professionals

    Finally, having a clean home as a working person is completely possible when you follow the right steps, as listed above. Incorporating the provided set of cleaning hacks can allow you to balance your endless professional life demands, and maintain a clean home, as this will improve your mental and physical well-being to allow you to thrive in both aspects of your life.

    I am your go-to friend for online product reviews. Especially eco-friendly products. I enjoy cleaning and will help you ensure you are in a safe environment, as a certified Environmental Manager.

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